Why donate to the EMS Team? It’s quite simple actually. By donating, you’re supporting the site and helping to obtain better materials and more titles and help maintaining the site as well. And it’s to help offset the costs that I have incurred since starting this group in 2006.

To be honest, if I can’t cut these costs in some way, I’ll be forced to cut back and make sacrifices. Scanlating is fun, and it’s a hobby, but it’s not a job (as much as I wish it was a paying job). We’re not a company, we’re just a small group of guys and girls doing something for free (except me, who has incurred a lot of out-of-pocket costs)

Anywho, here’s a full list of expenses, and it won’t be an exact total, especially in regards to shipping. And I’m sure I’ll forget something, but its fairly accurate. And remember, we started it March of 2006. And its current as of August 2009. Also, it should be noted that obviously I didn’t pay for all of this at once!

Site and Equipment

Domains – ~$9 per year for each domain (for both AAP and EMS) = $54
Hosting – $6 per month, includes both AAP and EMS sites = $252

Scanner – $25 (got a good deal off ebay)


For manga, since I bought at various sites and prices, I had to average it out. So, we’re looking at ~$8.50 per manga and ~$5 for shipping since most of manga I bought was shipped from Japan. I did use exact prices were I could find.

HEN V5 – $13.50
Romeo x Juliet V1-2 – $22
Gekkoh V3-4 – $23.62
Gekkoh V5-7; Noel V1 – $43.50
Noel V2-4 – $32.57
Sakura Tsuushin V5-20 – $136 for the books and I’ll say another $40 for shipping. This also includes shipping several volumes to lunard to scan.

Total Costs

That’s all of the major expenses, trying to rack my brain for any other expenses I can think of, but if there are any, its minor.

So the final tally? $642.19! HOLY SHIT.. (hides from Belldandy)


Let’s see… I have had a few donations to offset costs.. and I do mean a few.. To be fair, I didn’t implement donations until sometime in 2007.

W. M. – $21 (6/5/07)
R. R. – $100 (10/15/07)
J. D. – $20 (5/29/08)
C. R. – $4 (7/12/08)
M. M. – $70 (2/6/09)
X. H. – $25 (3/24/09)
E. C. – $15 (7/25/09)
Anon – $15 (7/27/09)
M. M. – $20 (7/27/09)
F. P. – $20 (7/28/09)
C. H. – $200 (7/29/09)
A. H. – $10 (7/29/09)
S. D. – $5 (7/29/09)
L. H. – $5 (7/29/09)
N. O. – $5 (7/31/09)
C. H. – $200 (8/6/09)
Total Donations Received – $735

Total Costs Minus Donations

Total costs incurred by Ares (so far): -$107.19 (give or take a few..)

In short, this group we’re doing for fun can add up to some serious cash really quick. We don’t expect much from everyone, but if you have a couple bucks lying around, especially in a paypal account, consider donating! That helps us out with costs, and gets us the funds we need to bring you better quality and more quantity! We don’t make any profit off this group in any shape or form, and I’m proof to that! 😀