Welcome to the EMS Recruitment Page!

We’re looking for positions for all of our series, as well as new ones. The current positions and tests are listed below, they may or may not differ from what other groups use, these are what we use, deal with it:

Translators are pretty much self-explanatory, how you wish to write out the scripts is up to you, accuracy is the main thing we’re looking for.

Proofreaders take the translated scripts and edit them as needed for grammar and spelling errors, and re-upload it once they are done.

Cleaners basically “clean” the scan, removing speech and narrative text and altering the scan to remove any bleed-through and such. As a result, you’ll need to be somewhat skilled in Gimp or Photoshop.

Editors typeset the scans and make any necessary changes to the script that proofreaders may have missed. Editors may be asked to clean scans as well, so if you have cleaning skills and want to be an editor, you will be given priority over others. Once finished, you’d upload the psd or xcf files (zipped of course) to the ftp or other filesharing site so we can prepare it for release.

Quality Checkers takes one final look at the JPG or PNG files to make sure there are no corrections needed before release.  If there are, they can report it to Ares or Durendal so they can make last minute corrections and add credits/recruitment pages before release.

Current Open Positions as of 7/1/10
Cleaners (Sakura Tsuushin)
Translators (Any series to assist Durendal)

As far as requirements goes for our group, we are a pretty easy going and laid back group.. However, we do have a few requirements for our group

1) 18+ only, this is only due to the titles we release.. We have made an exception on this in the past, but generally we find that older people, are also more mature and handle their responsibilities better. But basically, you should be prepared to work on ecchi series that may contain nudity and sexual situations. Although, not all of our series contain these themes.

2) Check your egos at the door… We don’t have room in this group for elitists or people who think they’re better then everyone else.  We’ve never really had any problems with this, but just in case 🙂

3) Communication is essential! You will be asked to provide a valid email address.. and possibly a way to contact you via SMS text messaging if you do not have access to a computer. Some of our biggest problems and delays have happened when people lost net access and we couldn’t contact them to see what’s going on.

4) Turn-around time is usually limited to one week for each assigned chapter for editors. Cleaners and translators should be able to knock out a chapter in a few days. One week for editors may not seem like much, but even if you do 4 pages a day, you’ll have enough time to finish a chapter by the allotted time. We know problems arise, so if you need longer, you can contact me and we can discuss it. But, this time frame will be enforced..

5) Above all else, have fun! We’re all doing this because we enjoy it!

Now, that you know what we need and our requirements, what’s next? Just take a look below at the tests for each position. Once you’re finished with a test, you can submit the text file (for translations) or the zip file (for editing and cleaning) to Ares@emsmanga.com Please put in the subject line which spot/series you are requesting for.

Translation Test

Proofreading Test

Cleaning Test

Editing Test