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Noel no Kimochi V3 C18 released

Hi gang, another new chapter of Noel has been released.. See, that didn’t take long, now did it?

My planned vacation in November has been pushed back to December, so we’ll have another month of releases, before we take off for December.. We should return back to schedule after Christmas. But like I said, we’ll have another couple releases before we go on break, so don’t worry!

Here’s the chapter, I hope you like it.. story is starting to get really interesting!

Volume 3 Chapter 18 – Torrents

New Poll- V2 of Yume de Aetara?

Hey gang, just wanted to let you know we added a new poll to the site. This one is basically to gauge interest in a version 2 of Yume de Aetara. Far and away, YdA is/was our most popular series, but it was also one that was a little rough around the edges, especially in the first few volumes. Most of that was just due to us being new to scanlation, so we were still learning things, and that sort.

Anyways, this would be a side project at best, and as such, there would be no estimated completion date. I’m not sure how many volumes would be affected, my guess is probably the first 6 or 7, later volumes would probably be left untouched. Mostly, we’d go back and leave SFX artwork in tact (like we do on current releases) and fix any errors in terms of grammar and spelling.

Of course, our current projects and stuff would take priority over this, but considering we’re not exactly busting out chapters of current stuff, a lot of us just has extra time on our hands, and I thought why not go back and clean up some of our older stuff..

Anyways, if you have a comment or suggestion, or like to see us revisit another series, leave a comment.

A little bit of housekeeping

Did some minor site updates today, mostly stuff “behind-the-scenes”.. Also, we updated foreign language downloads of our series, including Spanish Sakura Tsuushin, and Portuguese version of Yume de Aetara, you can find those under the Hosted page.. Edit We just updated Spanish YdA as well, check that out!

Also, Just a note on the offers for help for Yaiba and others, we appreciate the offers, but right now we’re looking for mainly Japanese-English translators, not Chinese-English or Spanish-English, etc.. The reason being that we want to stay as accurate to the original as possible, and that’s hard to do when you’re translating into 2-3 different languages, sometimes things are lost in the translation. Sakura Tsuushin in particular, and even Yaiba sometimes, has puns and other stuff that is difficult to translate into English, possibly moreso for other languages, those references would probably get lost in the process.. So, just to sum it up, Japanese-English offers only please 🙂

Look for a new release soon!

Yaiba V5,C115 released; Status Update

Wow, has it really been over a month since our last release of anything? Yeah, looks that way… What can we say, except.. there’s more to life than manga 😛 Seriously though, things have been hectic as of late not only for myself, but for durendal as well, as a result, we kinda let the whole EMS thing fall to the side.. That’s what happens when you’re dealing with parties to plan, vandalism, and dead bodies (really wish I was making that up…)

Anywho, here’s where we stand on the projects… Yaiba 116 is done as well, but we’re holding off on releasing that in case we have another lull in releases. Noel 16 is done as well, just needing to do a bit of QCing on it before release and we should have that probably sometime this weekend or early next week. ST is coming along, but at a slow pace due to content issues. You can only translate and edit ST during non-family hours 😛

Needless to say, we also need a new translator to help durendal out, if we have someone, all of the projects would benefit as durendal could focus on one title, while the other translator could focus on something else. If you’re interested, drop me a line.

We’re also always open to the idea of joint projects. In the past, we were hesitant about this, but I’m open to any idea that will see us finish these three projects.

Thanks for listening to me babble!

Volume 5 Chapter 115 – Rapidshare / Sendspace

Site Issues

So, this morning I decided to update WordPress to 3.0, and in the process my theme for the site got a bit broken :\ So the graphics and stuff are a bit “off” for now, until I can go in and fix things up again. So, until I get some time to look into it, or install a new theme, it’ll be a bit off. We’ll try to get that fixed soon and release a new chapter fairly quick. Thanks for understanding.

EMS Team Update

Hey gang, just wanted to give you guys an update on where we stand with our remaining series. Currently, we’re taking a bit of a break for various reasons.. We pumped out a lot of chapters in getting Gekkoh out to everyone, so we’re taking a bit of a small breather to avoid burnout. Yeah, we do take a lot of breaks recently, but we’re also a very small group now, as indicated by our team page in the above menu. We used to have about 12-15 members in our group, but we’re down to about 5 now. So, we only have about 1-2 people working on each series.

As for the titles, We have a chapter of Sakura Tsuushin cleaned, and I’ll be starting proofreading and editing duties on it soon. We also have a chapter of Noel awaiting QC, and it will probably be our next release. Yaiba is on a pending status, as durendal has taken control over most of the work on it again.

Not to mention, we also have a lot of “real life” issues going on with this small group.. Work, family, etc.. so you’ll understand if we don’t have 3x a week releases like before. I’ve been having to deal with flooding and damage in the Tennessee area myself this past weekend, so manga has been about the last thing on my mind, to be blunt 🙂

That about sums it up, I just wanted to let everyone know where we stand… we haven’t fallen off the earth or anything, we’re just taking a break before resuming our schedule. Carry on! 🙂

Re: Romeo x Juliet

So, I’ve been getting several requests for RxJ scans over the past couple of weeks, mostly from foreign language groups. Not even sure why people suddenly started asking for scans, hell, it wasn’t even that popular when WE were scanlating it, but it was interesting and we liked it..

Anywho, to save everyone the trouble, we do NOT have the scans anymore. As with most of our titles, we scan them in ourselves, and once we are finished with the volumes, and we don’t see any need for corrections, we delete the RAWs permanently.

Not the least of which, the manga is already licensed here in the US. So, you shouldn’t really be asking for RAWs to begin with. We can’t provide our scanlated version of it either, although I’m sure it’s relatively easy to find on all the other sites out there, I do wish they would pull scans after a title is licensed, but then again, look at all the groups that still scanlate Naruto and Gantz..

Anywho, not to get off topic.. If you must have scans, your best bet is to try P2P sites like Emule, or RAW sites. And not to be blunt or anything, but you can always, oh I don’t know, buy the books and scan them yourselves like I did.

Thanks for your understanding.

New Poll added to the site

We’ve added a new poll to the right side of the site, under the Help area.. We’re basically wanting to get feedback on how we should release Vol 7 of Gekkoh.

As stated before, we’ve finished with translations and cleaning, we’re just waiting on me to typeset. And how I go about things will depend on what method of release you guys want.

So, let’s hear it and you can also comment in this post as well.

Notes and Housekeeping

Hi gang, just a few notes and stuff of interest…

– Gekkoh translations are done, in case you don’t follow twitter (You should! I ramble a lot on there :P) Next up, Sakura Tsuushin (gasp!)

– Since we are doing ST again, we could use extra help with an editor or two, if you’re interested, send me an email or check out the link above.

– Downloads have been updated. Probably for the forseeable future, we’ll use Mediafire as our primary server for direct downloads. I haven’t heard any complaints, and the directory structure makes it easy to update and maintain.

– Hosted downloads for our series in other languages have been updated. We’ll try to keep these updated to the best of our abilities, but it’s usually back to someone from the group letting me know that they have released a new chapter with a link. It’s hard to visit the sites on a regular basis to see where they stand with projects 😉

– IRC room has been “cleaned” of bans and such. If you were banned in there, you are not any longer. That doesn’t mean you can break the rules though, or you will be banned again. Rules are posted in the chat room, and on this site, so ignorance is not an excuse! We’re not overseers or anything, we just want everyone to have a good time.

– Yaiba will be updated soon. Durendal is having some network issues, which is resulting in him not being able to upload latest chapters, once that is resolved, we’ll be releasing more chapters.

That’s about all I can think of, but if you have any questions or comments, just let me know.

All downloads updated

Well, after updating our current series yesterday, we’ve added mediafire “depository” links for all of our series, including the finished ones. You’ll find these links at the top of the torrent/download listings on each page. As time goes on, some of the older releases were getting deleted off Rapidshare and other sites, and hopefully keeping these Mediafire links updated won’t be too much of an issue.

If you still have trouble accessing the files, let me know.