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New Chapter!! Sakura Tsuushin V15 C163 released!

We got a new chapter of ST released after what seems like forever. Don’t get too excited though, as we still need a lot of help going forward to continue with ST and our other series as well.

It looks like another group has picked up Noel, so that’s excellent, go check their work out if you want to continue that story.

I appreciate everyone sticking with us over the years. And like I said on the credits page, if this is our final release, it’s been one awesome ride!

If you don’t want this to be our last release, consider helping out! 🙂

Whoops.. guess it would help to post the link, right? LOL… You can download it here . No torrents this time! You can also check it out on the ST page as well

New Chapter: Sakura Tsuushin V15 C162 released!

Hey Gang,

How’s it been!? It’s been a good minute, right? Well, we’re not really back to full steam just yet, but here’s the latest chapter of Sakura Tsuushin for you to enjoy. Hopefully, releases will be more frequent, I mean, we’re doing a chapter every two years at this point, so the bar is set REALLY low! Also, we’re on the lookout for a translator(s) to assist Durendal, as he’s pretty much busy with real life duties these days. If you or anyone are interested, please drop me a line. So, here it is, enjoy the chapter!

Volume 15 Ch 162 – Torrents

Quick Update

We’re still lurking, however I had a major hard drive loss that resulted in a lot of lost files that was group-related. I may have some of the older stuff on backup, but I do not have access to some of our more recent releases unfortunately. I will try to regroup what I can and get some kind of online backup going to where we don’t run across this problem again..

This will, unfortunately set us back some more after already being delayed. We appreciate your patience. Thanks.

Noel no Kimochi V5 C30 released

See, that wasn’t so bad, now was it? Here’s the start of Volume 5 for NnK! Look for a new chapter “soon”.

Volume 5 Chapter 30 – Torrents

Thanks for your continued support!

Noel no Kimochi V4 Special released!

Hey gang, we got another new chapter of Noel no Kimochi downloaded for all of you! Just in time for the Olympics, right?! So go check it out, we hope to start Volume 5 real soon. And just in case you don’t read the credits, we hope to have this series completed by 2020! (hopefully much sooner!)

Volume 4 Special – Torrents

Noel no Kimochi V4 C29 released!

Yeah, reports of our demise is still a bit early, but not far off.. until that time, have fun with a new chapter of Noel no Kimochi! This ends the story of Vol 4, but there is still a special chapter that we will release soon.. and we’re still going to get out the last 3 volumes if it takes to the end of time! (even if it’s suppose to end in

Volume 4 Chapter 29 – Torrents

Sakura Tsuushin V15 C161 released!

Hey people, sorry for the delay.. well no, actually I’m not THAT sorry, since I am on vacation, but hey, better late than never, right? 🙂 So, here’s the newest ST chapter, and go ahead and play along at home, see what results you get!

Volume 15 Ch 161 – Torrents

Hope to have a new chapter of ST out sooner than this! LOL

Prison School Chapter 12

Ola!  Bringing you another chapter of Prison School since I’m done with my responsibilities in the other titles.  For now.  Anyway, as Ares is just 15 minutes away from me, I better start working or he’ll start cracking the whip on me.  And this time he might do it too since I’m now within his arms reach.  As usual, you can get the chapter below from different file hosts.

Chapter 12 – Rapidshare / Sendspace / Mediafire

Noel no Kimochi V4 C28 released!

Hey gang, yeah, ole Ares is still lazy, and since I’m getting a Vita tomorrow, that probably won’t change! LOL.. But, Eye was good enough to get a chapter of Noel ready, so we’re pushing this out to everyone! Hope you guys enjoy it!

Volume 4 Chapter 28 – Torrents

So actually, it’s not all fun and games for me.. had a dentist appointment today and got a tooth extracted.. that’s never fun! But as soon as I recover (tomorrow likely) I’ll start working on a new ST chapter for everyone to enjoy.

Just a side note, I’ll be travelling overseas in March and April, so I’m not sure how releases will look for those months.. We’ll try to get something out, but if there is a usually long delay, don’t freak out, ok? At least I’ll be nearby where I can crack the whip on durendal to push out more translations! 😛

And we just renewed the domain name, so we’ll be around for a least a couple more years!

Yaiba V6 Chapter 127 released!

Another chapter of Yaiba has been finished.  Since Ares has been lazy busy with his current endeavors, I’ll try to make sure that we manage to get some of our other pending titles released.  Since the translations for Noel and Sakura are done and awaiting typesetting, in the mean time look forward to more releases of Yaiba and Prison School.  Ares will probably be done soon with Noel and Sakura anyway.  We’ll try not to disappoint.

Also, as a substitute for the torrents (it’s Ares forte, not mine), you have three choices to get your fix.  Thank god I never used megaupload….

Volume 6 Chapter 127 – Rapidshare / Sendspace / Mediafire