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Noel no Kimochi V4 C27 released & Site Update/Downloads

Hey gang, here is the newest chapter of Noel no Kimochi, be sure to check it out!! Look forward to more soon!

Volume 4 Chapter 27 – Torrents

And yes, we’re aware of many of the downloads are broken. With the closing/seizure of Megaupload, in essence a lot of our download links went away. We’re looking into alternative, not sure if hosting it ourselves would be viable or not. If anyone has suggestions, leave a comment.

Prison School Chapter 8 to 11

Yes!  You read that right.  We are bringing you not one, not two, not even three, but four chapters of Prison School.  And here you thought that we dropped this right?  No sir.  We were just busy, and not just lazy busy, but really busy with our other priorities.  We also added a mediafire link for more choices.  Oh, and although it’s somewhat late, Happy New Year!!  Technically, Chinese New Year is still next week, so we’ll greet you with a Happy Lunar New year instead.  Anyway, without further delay, you can get the following chapters from different file hosts:

Chapter 8 – Rapidshare / Sendspace / Mediafire
Chapter 9 – Rapidshare / Sendspace / Mediafire
Chapter 10 – Rapidshare / Sendspace / Mediafire
Chapter 11 – Rapidshare / Sendspace / Mediafire

Yaiba V6 Chapter 126 released!

Hidy ho, everyone!  Wow, it’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything now have I?  Since it’s almost the end of the year, I thought I might as well release one more chapter of Yaiba before the year ends.  Think of this as a New Years bonus.  Enjoy~

Volume 6 Chapter 126 – Rapidshare / Sendspace

P.S.  Will try to upload the whole of volume 5 at a later date.  At the moment, we’re still suffering from the holiday blues, meaning we’re all too lazy to do anything.

Noel no Kimochi V4 C26 released!

Wow, two chaps in two days, what wonders never cease!! Well, we wanted to give a present to all the fans out there who don’t like seriously ecchi stuff, so here’s the newest chapter of Noel!

Volume 4 Chapter 26 – Torrents

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas from all of us at EMS Team 🙂

Sakura Tsuushin V15 C160 released.. sorta!

Well, snafu’s abound! Seems that Nyaatorrents, the site we use to “track” our torrents is down, so for this release only.. we’re going to release it directly on the site here… Depending on the traffic, we’ll see about adding more titles directly, but for now, you can grab ST160 here..

Chapter 160 – Download

Happy Holidays from all of us at EMS Team, and if you don’t like ST.. stay tuned 😉

Something coming

We should have a nice little surprise for you guys later tonight.. stay tuned! 🙂

And it won’t be a full manga volume like we have done in years past.. just get that out of your heads right now 😛 But, we should have something nice for you soon!

Noel no Kimochi V4 C25 released!

Here’s a little Thanksgiving present for our fans in the States, the newest chapter of Noel no Kimochi has been released! Go check it out now!

Volume 4 Chapter 25 – Torrents

Look for more soon!

Sakura Diaries V15 C159 released

Sorry for the delay in getting this out to everyone, but better late than never, right? So here it is, have fun, and look for more soon!

Volume 15 Ch 159 – Torrents

Noel no Kimochi V4 C24 released!

Hi everyone, sorry for the delay in getting this out, hope to have quicker releases of this series going forward.. thanks for being patient with us! Hope you enjoy the chapter and look forward to more!

Volume 4 Chapter 24 – Torrents

Yaiba V6 C125 released

Yup.  New chapter, new volume.  I never thought we would be able to finish volume 5 of the bunko version.  Phew.  Now let’s slowly finish volume 6 so we can finally get on the good stuff.  Without futher adieu, get them here:

Volume 6 Chapter 125 – Rapidshare / Sendspace

PS.  I’m starting to hate Rapidshare.  Currently considering other options besides Rapidshare.