IRC Rules

Updated 12-02-08.  Grabbing a file in IRC is now
easier than ever!  Just follow this old tutorial below on how to connect to
our channel, then we’ll show you the quick and easy way to grab a file from us!


Okay, I won’t insult anyone reading this… IRC is a bitch to
learn 🙂  It’s the ORIGINAL chat program for the internet, it’s probably
been around longer than you have been born! (depending if your 21 or younger…)
not exactly sure when it was created… oh well..

Lot of programs out there to chat on IRC with, the most common
one being Mirc.  I’ll get you started on how to enter our channel #emsmanga
on and how to download from one of the filebots, anything
beyond that, there are a million other tutorials out there..


1) Download Mirc from here select
the link closest to your location.  Save the exe file to your desktop.
Double click and follow the prompts and install it.

2) run the program.  Your greeted with the menu below. 
Type in your info (although I usually use a fake full name and email, Nickname
and Alternative are important as that is how you will be identifed.  Now in
the left menu select servers.

3) Scroll down until you see (random server).
Once everything is entered, click on Connect to server

4) You’ll see a bunch of jibberish fly by, and as long as no one
else is using your username you’ll soon be greeted by this menu.  If on the
rare circumstance that both your nickname and your alternate nickname is in use,
the system will prompt you for a new username which you can change by typing in
"/nick nickname" without the quotes and where nickname is the new username.


5) In the channel name field type #emsmanga (make sure to
include the # sign) and click Join

6) Congrats, you’re in the channel!

Updated: 7) From here, you can chat normally to other
users in the room.  But for chat options and basics, seek other
guides…we’re here to leech!  The easiest way to grab our newest chapters
is to type !triggers to see a list of triggers or "hot keys"

8) When you hit enter, Ares_EMS (That’s me.. I’m NOT a bot!) will bring up a list of current
triggers for our series.  In the future, as we add more series, there will
be more triggers.

9) Let’s try to grab the newest Yume de Aetara chapter. 
Just type !yda and press enter

10) After pressing enter, Ramune, our new release bot, will
attempt to send you the file.  A dialog box will pop up, asking if you want
to accept the file. Just click "Ok".  Then another box will ask you where
to save the file, click the appropriate directory, and hit accept.  And the
file will then begin to transfer!

11) Once you get the file, remember to stay in the channel for
at least 8 minutes to avoid getting banned.  Take some time to give thanks
to the group, or just chat with others.

Updated: Now, let’s say you need an older chapter, the
easiest way would be to go to
and download it there, right?  But maybe you downloaded too much from the
site and can’t download anymore.  Well then, it’s time to grab the file
from Orz, the archive bot.

12) To view the current listing of files on Orz, go to
this site. When you see the file that you want, type "/MSG orz XDCC SEND x" where
X is the number beside the file. For Instance, if I wanted HEN V3, I’d type
"/MSG orz XDCC Send 1" then press enter.  Also remember to remove the
quotes 🙂 
When you press enter, it’ll prompt you to accept the file
and choose a default location, much like it does with Ramune.

And that’s it!  Simple, right?  If you have any
questions or comments, just send them to
or leave a comment below.