Bittorrent tutorial

Bittorrent tutorial

Hello, this is my first attempt at writing a tutorial.  This is mainly
to benefit users of this site.  Since there are many tutorials out there on
the net, I will go over the bare minimum.. to find out more, do a search 🙂

First, you may want to check out
and find out more about this program.  It’s
basically a new form of P2P that connects directly to users and not to a
centralized network like Kazaa or E-Mule.

There are many clients you can use for bittorrent, I personally recommend
Utorrent.  It’s small (1 file), easy to use, and you can create torrents
with it.  You can download it from

1) To start with, go to
and download Utorrent.. Follow the simple links on the page.  Once you have
got to the download page, save the EXE file to a place on your hard drive
(either on your desktop or in its own folder within C:\Program Files\ )

2) Double click on the file, it will ask if you want to create a desktop
shortcut (not necessary if you saved the file to the desktop)

3) You are now at the setup screen of Utorrent.  You’ll want to select
the connection speed of your internet connection from the drop down box, or you
can just select (Current Settings).  Once you select what you want, click
on "Use Selected Settings"  *Note: If later Utorrent seems to go slow, or
bogs your connection down, you can change the speed in the options menu.


3a) Optional Setting– You can select Options from the main menu, and
select Preferences, or you can hit Ctrl-P and get to the same dialog box. 
A couple of areas to note are the folders section and Network section.  In
Folders, you can specify a default download directory where files will go to. 
Just click on the "…" and select a default directory.

3b) Optional Setting- In Network area, you can specify Bandwidth
limits if Utorrent is slowing your net connection down.

4)  Go grab your torrents.  Our torrents are located either on the appropriate series page, or at
select a torrent, just click on the link.  It will open the
torrent file which you can open from default location or save to your hard
drive.  This isn’t the actual file your want, it’s just a text file that
connects you with the tracker on our site, and with people who is uploading the
file that you want.

5) After you open the torrent file, Utorrent will automatically open (if it
is not already open), and will show a prompt.  The default location will
either be the location you specified in the default download directory above, or
the Desktop.  In either case, select which directory you want to save the
file to and click "Ok".  If this torrent file had multiple files, you could
select/deselect particular files to download (in case you missed a chapter and
wanted to download the full volume).. In this particular instance, only one file
is in the torrent.

6) Wait on the file to download!  You can see the progress via the Done
and Status columns..  As long as you see a blue icon next to your torrent,
then it is downloading.  If you see a red icon next to your torrent, It
means there is either a problem…either with a tracker, or on your computer
(possibly not enough disk space).  Once the torrent finishes downloading,
you will begin to upload, and the icon will change to a green color.

Some final notes, SEED SEED SEED!!! Seeding is another name for
uploading… Bittorrent is dependant on people who seeds files, without them
files would not get transferred it’s that simple.  It’s common courtesy to
have a 1.0 ratio when using bittorrent.  That means that if you download a
200mb file, you also uploaded 200mb.  Of course, the longer you can seed,
the better, but at the very least seed until you have a 1.0 ratio so others has
a chance to download and enjoy the file. You can check your current ratio on
your torrent file by looking at the ratio column.


Hope this helps everyone out somewhat, if you have any questions, feel free
to email me at thanks!