We have went through all of our titles, and updated the downloads for each one.  We’ll be using MediaFire from here on out, unless something happens, and they get shut down too 😛  So, the process will be, we’ll do releases on torrents and IRC, and after a few days, we’ll update direct downloads on MediaFire.

To download a chapter, you’ll just have to navigate to the series page. Towards the top of the page, right below the description, there is a link that says “All Chapters on MediaFire” or similar, just click on that, and it will take you to a navigation tree, where you can download what you need.  We tried looking at hosting the files locally, but I could not find a suitable method that would work and protect us from leeching and such.


Sorry for the lack of updates as well, I blame myself first and foremost, aside from everyone else 🙂  I haven’t had motivation to do much manga as of late.  I got a chapter staring at me right now.. I got the translation, it’s been cleaned.. I just need to typeset.  BLEH!  Really hard work, right? The worst of it is done, but it’s still sitting there!  Oh well, we all get these bouts of being lazy.  We’ve also been doing scanlations now for almost 7 years, so you can expect some laziness from time to time.  If you really want to blame something, you can blame my PS3 and NBA2k12 for keeping me busy 😛  Anywho, I say all that to say, we should have a release out soon.

Wow, this has been a big update.. Anywho, that’s where we stand… downloads are fixed/updated and new chapter out soon!