Hey gang, yeah, ole Ares is still lazy, and since I’m getting a Vita tomorrow, that probably won’t change! LOL.. But, Eye was good enough to get a chapter of Noel ready, so we’re pushing this out to everyone! Hope you guys enjoy it!

Volume 4 Chapter 28 – Torrents

So actually, it’s not all fun and games for me.. had a dentist appointment today and got a tooth extracted.. that’s never fun! But as soon as I recover (tomorrow likely) I’ll start working on a new ST chapter for everyone to enjoy.

Just a side note, I’ll be travelling overseas in March and April, so I’m not sure how releases will look for those months.. We’ll try to get something out, but if there is a usually long delay, don’t freak out, ok? At least I’ll be nearby where I can crack the whip on durendal to push out more translations! 😛

And we just renewed the domain name, so we’ll be around for a least a couple more years!