Hey everyone, sorry for the lack of updates to the page here. What can I say, we’ve got extremely lazy over the last few months. Between work, family, school, life, and everything in between, we have to set priorities, and manga is rather low on our list at this time.

We’re not closing up shop, but I would like to say we’re in hibernate mode for now. Which means we’ll continue to release chapters when we can, but at this point, we’re not going to keep to a set schedule. In other words, when we release is when the next chapter will arrive…

A few notes:

We have officially dropped Prison School… Seems that enough people complained about our “quality” that Durendal said the hell with it (although not nearly as nice!). There are enough groups out there doing sub-par quality, so you can get it from them. What we find amusing was that Prison School was D-E-A-D in the water before our group picked it up. Oh well..

Our next release will be Noel no Kimochi, we’re finalizing the chapter now, and “hope” to have it released in the next few days. We’re still working on Sakura Tsuushin as well. That one is still in the editing stage and will take a bit longer to release. Yaiba isn’t exactly dropped or dead, but seeing as only durendal works on it, it is set by his schedule, and right now his schedule is more tight than mine.

That being said, if there are other groups or individuals that want to help us out, especially in regards with Noel or ST, we’ll entertain offers. Of course, we’d like to work with established groups or people that are experienced in scanlating. We really don’t have time to train new people, sorry. If you’re group wants to “take over” a series, I suppose there is no way of us stopping you, but if you do, please drop us a line.. we may be willing to share material and at the very least, it would let us know someone else is doing a series, and we could concentrate on our other titles.

The goal here is to finish Noel no Kimochi and Sakura Tsuushin at the very least. We still have a ways to go with Yaiba. It will take some time, but that’s the game plan anyways. Questions/Comments, just drop us a line. Thanks for sticking around and we’ll be back with a new chapter soon!