Title: Gekkoh

Author: Serika Himuro

Genre: Ecchi, Action

Length: 7 volumes

Status: Complete

Kyoutarou is just an ordinary guy trying to lead an ordinary high school life, despite the fact that he is the son of a yakuza boss. Then comes Kumiko, his half-sister he’s never met before, who’s looking for a man with a centipede tattoo who killed her loved ones in the past. Will Kumiko and Kyoutarou be able to manage their family business? Will Kumiko ever find and take revenge on the man with the centipede tattoo? And will they be able to control their sexual urges for each other?

Our newest series here at EMS Manga, we’ll be starting this series with Vol 3, Chapter 21. Big thanks goes to the other groups who have worked on this series up til now. Downloads for those are also below.

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