Sakura Diaries V15 C159 released

Sorry for the delay in getting this out to everyone, but better late than never, right? So here it is, have fun, and look for more soon!

Volume 15 Ch 159 – Torrents

Noel no Kimochi V4 C24 released!

Hi everyone, sorry for the delay in getting this out, hope to have quicker releases of this series going forward.. thanks for being patient with us! Hope you enjoy the chapter and look forward to more!

Volume 4 Chapter 24 – Torrents

Yaiba V6 C125 released

Yup.  New chapter, new volume.  I never thought we would be able to finish volume 5 of the bunko version.  Phew.  Now let’s slowly finish volume 6 so we can finally get on the good stuff.  Without futher adieu, get them here:

Volume 6 Chapter 125 – Rapidshare / Sendspace

PS.  I’m starting to hate Rapidshare.  Currently considering other options besides Rapidshare.

Yaiba V5 C124 released

It’s about time.  But this is already old news to some of you if you have been paying much attention.  I actually made a booboo and those who noticed got the benefit of it.  It’s hard to not notice how this was left like this for almost 2 months.  Well, at least let’s make it official now.  Get them here:

Volume 5 Chapter 124 – Rapidshare / Sendspace

Sakura Tsuushin V15 C158 released

Sorry for the long wait, but here’s the next chapter for Sakura Tsuushin, so go check it out! Hope to have new releases more often, or at least, not without a 2-3 month wait!

Volume 15 C158 Torrents


Just wanted to give everyone a heads up on where we stand. We’re still an active group, despite not putting out much of anything recently. “Real World” issues have taken up most of our free time.

I spend working about 45-55 hours a week at my IT job, so I don’t have much time or energy to come home and typeset or proofread manga, unless its on weekends, and even then, I may be working. Durendal is just as busy as I am, so that’s the two main people in the group who has issues. Sure, we got other members, some of them may be just standing around doing nothing and waiting on us, but we have to prioritize things, and manga isn’t on the top of our lists 🙂

So, hopefully things will calm down soon and we can get back to what we enjoy, which is scanlating manga and releasing it to everyone.. until then, please be patient. Thanks!

Yaiba V5 C123 released!

Here’s chapter 123 of Yaiba.  This was actually done months ago, but since I’ve just finished chapter 124, it’s only proper that we release this now.  We’ll just need a few fine tuning, so hopefully the next chapter will be out in the next few days.

Volume 5 Chapter 123 – Rapidshare / Sendspace

Noel no Kimochi V4 C23 released

Yikes, been a 2 month delay, sorry for that.. things have been hectic here.. Anyways, here’s a new chapter of Noel no Kimochi, hope you guys like it!

Volume 4 Chapter 23 – Torrents

Sakura Tsu….er… I mean Prison School Chapter 7 released!

Well, for those waiting patiently, it’s finally here.  Chapter 7 of the funny series Prison School was finally done.  Go get them from the link listed below.  Best served chilled.

Prison School 7 – Rapidshare / Sendspace

Sakura Tsuushin V15 C157 released!

Another new chapter of ST being released within 10 days!? What wonders never cease! Anywho, still no Urara, but it’s all good.. Go check it out! Even added a direct download option..

Volume 15 Ch 157 – Torrents / Sendspace

Should have a new Prison School and Noel chapter soon!